After becoming acquainted with African art in the early 1980’s my first trip to Africa a few years later inspired, transformed and at times, consumed my life.  Its appeal as the ultimate expression of abstract sculpture along with its ability to stir the emotions like no other art form was for me just an introduction to what I believe its true purpose is. The embodiment of an African spirituality that believes in the beneficent, and at times maleficent, control over natural and spiritual forces effecting human existence.

For me African sculpture represents a universally symbolic language of the subconscious instilling insight that words are not able to adequately express. It challenges our ability to comprehend life beyond our basic senses.    

As a dealer/consultant and gallery owner in the field for more than 35 years, many pieces I acquired have been placed in important private and public collections in the U.S. and Europe. I also participate regularly in art fairs nationally and internationally.

Authenticity, appealing aesthetics and excellent quality are the standards that have always guided me in an effort to acquire and provide the finest African art possible.

                                                                                                     Michael Rhodes